Sport: Weekly Round-up

Let’s take a look at some of the big stories that have happened over the last week from across the different sports; FOOTBALL: All-English finals…almost, but not really This week saw Manchester City owners take a step closer to their dream or lifting a Champions League trophy. When Sheikh Mansour’s City Football Group took over … More Sport: Weekly Round-up

Football: ESL

With a couple of days to UEFA’s announcement regarding the changes to the Champions League, a group of the top European clubs announced the creation of a European Super League (ESL), which has since taken a massive hit with English clubs all pulling out. Who were the founding clubs The idea was – may still … More Football: ESL

Basketball: Are the Nets Actually a Title Threat?

For anyone interested in knowing about my feelings on whether this trade was good for the Brooklyn Nets, and who the leader of the team should be, then check out my article on for more on that.  As promised on the aforementioned article, let’s delve into the Nets trade a little more.  How have … More Basketball: Are the Nets Actually a Title Threat?