Next Edition of the Clown Show Complete

Boxing, while going through a great period professionally, is also experiencing a lot of bouts between people – mainly men – who want to have a backyard brawl in a controlled environment. DAZN, launched in 2016, has been making sure they reap the rewards by promoting the fights of the Paul brothers – Jake and Logan – as well as KSI (as seen below).

There’s no doubt that the Pauls and KSI have some decent boxing ability for amateurs, but their opponents for the large part have been an embarrassment.

This time round, KSI decided to fight twice on the night, against a Rapper known as Swarmz and then a professional from Mexico named Luis Alcarez Pineda.

Swarmz showed no boxing ability and (for the lack of a better word) quit when he refused to stand back up. As for Pineda, only one question comes to mind…”how the hell is this guy a professional fighter???” Constant moaning, falling, and getting beaten. Pineda made Swarmz look good! KSI clearly felt embarrassed for his two opponents and did fight well.

In previous broadcasts, Jake Paul beat a fellow Youtuber, ex NBA guard, and two has beens from the UFC (neither known for their boxing). Brother Logan has yet to win a fight after three attempts. Logan drew with and then lost to KSI, and then drew with a 48-year-old Floyd “Money” Mayweather who would say “yes” to anything that will earn him more money.

One positive from such events is the exposure that up-and-coming fighters get while trying to make a name for themselves in boxing.

Only a matter of time before the next edition of the clown show is broadcast, and millions pay for it.

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