Football: Another Deadly Match

Violence at football stadiums have been a concern for decades all across the world. So called “supporters” taking a loss badly and trying to inflict pain on others for it, or police taking it too far when dealing with trouble causers.

However, the world’s most dangerous nation for football is back in the spotlight with what happened when Arema FC lost at home to bitter rivals Persebaya Surabaya. The loss sparked mayhem as an overcrowded stadium full of unhappy “fans” took to the pitch.

As the police intervened with tear gas the situation escalated. As of now, 174 people have been reported dead, with roughly the same amount injured, some in critical condition.

The incident is the latest episode – and most deadly – in a few decades of violence at Indonesian football matches. Previous Indonesian presidents have warned of completely ending professional football in the country and this latest event isn’t going to help matters.

In most Indonesian matches, away fans are banned from attending games to avoid such fatal incidents from occurring. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop many from taking the risk and traveling to potential death.

Current President Joko Widodo has ordered all games in the Indonesian top leagues to be stopped at once while they decide how to proceed.

The Indonesian football association have launched an investigation, adding that the incident had “tarnished the face of Indonesian football” – an understatement of the highest degree.

FIFA’s President said the football world is in shock after the disaster in Indonesia in which 174 people died, adding it is a “dark day” for the sport. But, that’s the thing, this isn’t sport.

If you want to learn more about Indonesia’s problematic past, there’s an excellent documentary on Youtube…

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