Football: Not So ‘Kean’ to Play for Big Dunc.

Sometimes we forget as football fans that football players are human beings, too, simply because of how well they get paid. Some of them need a comforting arm around the shoulder, while others react well to a good old rollicking. Unfortunately for Moise Kean, he was on the end of neither.  The young Italian striker, … More Football: Not So ‘Kean’ to Play for Big Dunc.

A Good Summer Ahead for the English (Part Three)

Last Saturday saw the European domestic season come to a close with Liverpool collecting their sixth Champions League trophy, officially making them the third-most successful club in the history of the competition (Real Madrid have 13 titles). Even though the game itself was nothing to shout about, the scenes at the final whistle were incredible. … More A Good Summer Ahead for the English (Part Three)

Welcome To My Page!

Hi! My name is Mehmet. Also known as Galafan (Galatasaray Fan) and now The Sports Gent. It’s always important to introduce one’s self, as any gentleman would, whether a gentleman of nobility, or one that is self-proclaimed by force. (Or perhaps all other potential names were taken or vetoed by my partner …) Oh well! … More Welcome To My Page!