Manfriend’s Mumblings | Sports Chat: FIFA World Cup 2018

So, that dreaded month is upon us – a month that can be very challenging, yet incredibly rewarding. Nope, it’s not Ramadan again! It’s the World Cup! Excitement fills me even as I type the words. But I can hear the voices already. “It’s not actually that interesting …” “The players are always diving around … More Manfriend’s Mumblings | Sports Chat: FIFA World Cup 2018

Manfriend’s Mumblings | Sports Chat: Cricket

Ever heard people describe sports as boring, or say that nothing happens? It kind of frustrates an avid sports lover such as myself. Especially when those aforementioned people will happily waste hours playing useless phone games or watching pointless TV shows for the sake of entertainment. So, why defend sports off the “bat”? The simple … More Manfriend’s Mumblings | Sports Chat: Cricket

Manfriend’s Mumblings | Sports Chat: Snooker

Fifteen balls. One cue. Six pockets. No, not what you’re thinking … I’m talking about pool. Pool’s a great game to play with friends while having a few libations, and then giggling at the detrimental effect those drinks have on you both. Your ability to see straight, make the right choices and actually make a … More Manfriend’s Mumblings | Sports Chat: Snooker